Lifetime Written Repair Warranty

At Schiro’s Collision Repairs, our commitment to providing exceptional auto body repair quality workmanship is backed by our written lifetime warranty. This is an industry best-in-class auto body repair warranty offered by collision centers.

In addition to our written lifetime warranty, to ensure our company provides the highest level of auto body repair quality, safety, and repairs consistent with manufacturer’s recommendations, we partnered with VeriFacts Automotive. Verifacts is the most respected independent third-party quality verification service known to the auto body repair industry. Both our North Hollywood and Chatsworth locations have been awarded Verifacts Medallion Certifications for top industry quality performance.

Additionally, our internal 10-stage comprehensive Quality Control System builds in quality at each step of the collision repair process. As your vehicle advances to each phase of the repairs, each item performed on our quality-control checklist must be inspected and documented before the vehicle is released to the next department. These checkpoints provide safeguards against quality issues potentially being passed on to a customer following the completion of repairs. Some of the items on the checklist include:

  • Proper computerized or mechanical measuring to ensure precise structural alignment.
  • The inspection of structural welding quality
  • The correct application of corrosion protection.
  • A search for flaws or defects in the refinish work.
  • The inspection of the paint match and finish
  • The diagnostic scanning of onboard computers, electronics and safety systems.
  • The inspection and testing of mechanical and suspension components.
  • The test-drive ensuring proper handling and systems functionality

Our objective is to deliver a high quality auto body repair – one that exceeds industry standards as well as your own!